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The plays are for:

• Workshop Rotation
• Sunday School
• Vacation Bible school
• Church day camp
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or any time you want to connect Bible stories to children's daily lives!

Connecting to the Bible

"Laura is able to seamlessly weave scripture with situations relative to today's children so that the children see the correlation between the two. With each play our students are not only immersed into the biblical essence of the lesson, but also experience through acting how scripture touches them in today's world."

Touching the Hearts

"I have seen younger children roll with laughter as they portrayed favorite Old Testament characters, and I have seen older ones moved to tears as they begin to grasp the reality of Jesus' sacrifice through "The Gift is Given." Laura clearly writes with children in mind, but her unique sense of humor transcends generations and her deep spirituality touches the hearts of children and adults alike."


I - The Drama Room

In The Beginning - 3

"You're the writer. . . make something up." An unexpected path to children's drama

Costume Basics - 7

Every drama workshop needs a good supply of costumes. Fortunately they're fun and easy to make. Includes the Standard Costume List with basics you'll want for most plays

Staging and Creating Set Pieces - 13

Creating stage sets that let the children inhabit the world of the bible. Become a cardboard wizard. Standard Set Stage Pieces you'll use over and over

Putting Props Together - 19

Props are those things that actors touch, carry, or use in some way as part of the action. Here's how to make, find or transform the pieces you'll need. Standard Props List with the basics of a well-stocked prop closet.

Teaching Tips Q & A - 25

Preparing for class, assigning parts, working with non-readers, small classes, using the sound effects CD, printing the scripts, special script features, and more.

II - Old Testament

Digging Into the Bible: God's True Word

This play is used at the beginning of the three to five year lesson series to help children learn how the Bible came to exist in its modern printed form, using the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It helps explain why different editions of the Bible use slightly different words and emphasizes that the similarities are more important than the differences.


This story of Creation emphasizes the beauty and wonder of the natural world. God's creation is a gift that shows His love towards us and our responsibility is to take care of and appreciate His gift.

Adam and Eve: the First Lesson

The play within a play format is used to put humankind's first mistake in modern context. The story of Adam and Eve illustrates the importance of obedience but also shows God's endless love and patience with his people. God did not give up on Adam and Eve but continued to guide and care for them after expelling them from the garden, and this love eventually led to God's gift of Jesus, who brought God's forgiveness to everyone.

God's Top Ten: Learning to Be God's People

The Ten Commandments are given present-day application in this play, as Reverend Alice tells Robbie how Moses brought them down from the mountain, only to find God's people had got into trouble. The importance of placing God first in our lives and not allowing anything to take His place is reiterated, as well as serving God faithfully by loving each other.

Noah: The Rainbow Sign

Noah's Ark is floating on the flood waters, and the rain hasn't stopped for forty days. Noah teaches his granddaughter Leah about God's faithfulness to his people and Mrs. Noah tries to make the animals behave. The word covenant is explained as a solemn promise between God and his people and the rainbow given as a sign of God's covenant.

Ruth: A New Family

The book of Ruth is used to teach the importance of family and taking care of each other in difficult times as well as good ones. Young Ruthie wants to stay in her old school with her friends instead of moving with her adopted brother Aaron to a new school. When Aaron asks her to read her book in the Bible to him, she says Ruth has nothing to do with her, but while reading she realizes she is wrong. God sometimes requires us to make a new start for the sake of others, and we must have faith in His plan.

Jonah: In the Belly of the Big Fish

Jonah gets in trouble when he tries to ignore God's instructions to go to Ninevah and warn its people to repent or be destroyed. He takes a boat for Tarshish, forgetting that God is everywhere, including the seas. In the belly of the Big Fish, Jonah meets Aqua, a wisecracking fish who helps Jonah figure out what to do and understand God's purpose. Jonah learns a lesson not just about God's power, but also about His infinite love and mercy.

Daniel in the Lion's Den

Daniel has done such a good job for King Darius that the king makes him second-in-command under the king. The king's other advisors are so jealous they come up with a plot that uses Daniel's faith in God and the king's ego to get Daniel thrown into the lion's den. Horrified King Darius cannot save his friend, but Daniel remains steadfast, trusting in God's protection. The king learns a lesson about letting flattery go to his head and God's faithfulness to those who serve Him continually.

The Call of Moses

God has a job for each of us, but it isn't always easy. Reverend Alice wants Cory to speak to the entire church as part of a church-wide mission project, but Cory is petrified. When Reverend Alice asks her to read Exodus and think it over, Cory isn't sure why, till she gets some help from Zipporah, who shows her how God called a reluctant Moses to lead God's people out of slavery in Egypt. Cory learns that God is always beside us and His strength will carry us through whatever task we are given.

The Exodus

The modern ceremony of the Passover begins this story of the escape of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Moses and Aaron are frustrated with Pharoah's lack of respect for God and worry that something terrible must happen before he will let their people go. This comes to pass when all the first-born children and cattle in Egypt die. Even after setting the Israelites free, Pharoah again changes his mind and sends his army in pursuit. Moses calls on God's help to part the Red Sea and the Israelites escape to begin a new life as God's people.

III - Advent Plays

Visits From Angels

The Christmas story from the angels point of view: Archangel remembers what it was like to participate in the birth of Jesus as God's messengers. The importance of believing in God's plan and following his directions is emphasized.

Isaiah's Message: Light in the Darkness

It's a busy night at the inn in Bethlehem and Joshua, the innkeeper's son, is trying to do his homework while watching the door, while his sister Rachel helps in the kitchen. But he is reading the scroll of Isaiah and it is hard to understand, so he keeps falling asleep—until the prophet's words begin to come true before his eyes. Suddenly homework isn't nearly so dull, as Joshua begins to believe and puts his faith into action. He convinces Rachel to help Joseph and Mary to the stable and then directs the shepherds and wise men there when they appear, asking for the child. Joshua and Rachel realize that a very special baby has been born in their stable, and go to worship him with the rest.

Jesus Is Born: A Special Report

The Israel Broadcasting Network investigates the strange stories surrounding the birth a child in the town of Bethlehem. As the reporters interview Mary, Joseph, shepherds and wise men, the commentators discuss the information gathered and try to find the truth, or at least their version of it. Important questions about faith are raised as the reporters follow the others to the stable to find the Christ child.

IV - New Testament

Baptism of Jesus: Turning to God

Sissy has a new little brother, and baby Jeffy is going to be baptized at church tomorrow. Sissy has questions about baptism: what does it mean, why do we baptize infants, and will Jeffy understand? Her mom begins to explain, but has to go attend to Jeffy, and Sissy decides to pray for an answer. Her prayer is answered by John the Baptist himself, who takes Sissy to the Jordan River. John explains baptism as turning to God and in turn being claimed by God as his own, then lets Sissy watch as Jesus appears and is baptized. Sissy realizes that God claims all of us as his family and she can do her part by teaching Jeffy about God's love.

The Temptation of Jesus: the Right Choice

Kara has a problem: her friend wants her to cheat on a book report so Kara can go to a movie with all the cool kids in her school tonight. Kara knows this isn't right, but she's very tempted. As she struggles to decide, Jesus appears to teach her how temptation works by showing her his own temptation in the desert. Satan appears in three different guises and Jesus shows Kara how to make the right choice.

Jesus the Healer

The Israel Broadcasting network (IBN) returns to track down the rumors of healing miracles in Galilee, Jericho, and Jerusalem. Ded Serious again anchors the Jerusalem desk while Yappa Lotts roves around Galilee talking to people and demons, I.B. Nosey interviews formerly Blind Bartimaeus in Jericho, and Al Jazeera catches up with a previously paralyzed man near the Pool of Bethesda. Miracles are revealed as acts of God that require faith and trust on the part of the believer.

The Good Neighbor

Parables are like puzzles, and Taylor is trying to figure out the Good Samaritan parable for her Sunday School lesson. She has questions: what is a Levite, or for that matter a Samaritan? Most important, who is her neighbor? After praying for guidance, she receives a visit from a mysterious Teacher, who takes her to the scene of a robbery. While trying to help the victim, Taylor learns that kindness doesn't always come from expected places and how to recognize her neighbor by actions, not words.

Jesus Calms the Storm

Erin is afraid of storms and begs her mom to stay in the room with her. Mom teaches Erin about trusting in God's love and protection by telling the story of Jesus calming the storm on the lake of Galilee.

The Elder Brother

The story of the prodigal son is told through the eyes of his older brother. Joshua, the brother who stayed home, remembers his brother Simon and childhood incidents that led up to Simon's departure. Just as he recalls how devastated his family felt, a servant brings word that his brother has returned, all is forgiven, and their father wants him to come to the house and join the celebration. Furious, Joshua refuses. His father comes to Joshua to explain the importance of forgiveness and the nature of love.

The Kingdom Parables

This fairy tale tells the story of a young prince who is getting ready to be crowned, but is he ready to be king? The prince worries that he doesn't know enough to lead his kingdom, and wishes for an honest friend to guide him. His wish is granted when the Jester appears. The jester uses short parables to teach the prince about the kingdom and the importance of small things that grow: patience, faith, and wisdom.

The Beatitudes

The League of Small Kingdoms has announced a contest to decide the best king, to be judged by the great wizard Gorgonzola. Kings Beau, Drake, and Egbert are each confident of victory, and tell King Zac not to bother. However, Zac's best friend the Jester persuades Zac to enter and helps him use the wisdom of the Beatitudes to pass tests of compassion, wisdom, and courage.

The Greatest Commandment

The Israel Broadcasting Network returns with continuing coverage of the ministry of Jesus, this time in Jerusalem itself as Jesus challenges the religious authorities of the day: the temple elders, the Pharisees, and the Sadducees. Reporters and commentators discuss the questions asked Jesus and his answers, as the various groups try to trick Jesus and get him in trouble. Finally a sincere question is asked about the greatest commandment and Jesus reveals a truly radical message: love one another.

V - Easter

The Triumphal Entry: The Shouting Stones

Based on Jesus' words to the Pharisee: "If these were silent, the stones would shout out," this is a story of Palm Sunday. Jesus is coming to Jerusalem for the last time and the stones are singing, but not everyone can hear. Sarah and her brother Luke are children, but somehow they sense the message and question the view of the adults they hear talking. When the disciples come looking for a donkey's colt, Luke helps them and Sarah hears the stones clearly while he is gone. When he returns they go together to the gate to shout Hosanna as Jesus rides by.

The Last Supper: In Remembrance

Beginning with words from the Communion liturgy, this play shows how Jesus' last supper with his disciples became the sacrament of Communion that we celebrate today. Jesus washes the feet of his disciples, then breaks bread with them at their last Passover together, then the apostle Paul explain the meaning of the communion meal to the children in the church of Corinth. Finally the congregation takes Communion at a modern altar as the blessing is spoken.

Good Friday: The Gift Is Given

A serious play about a serious subject: Christ's suffering and death, as seen through the eyes of his two guardian angels, Faith and Grace. The angels narrate the action as Jesus prays in Gethsemane, is betrayed by Judas, then tried and condemned. The angels grieve at his suffering and crucifixion but are allowed to announce his resurrection and rejoice at the spreading of the word.

Want More?

Acts of the Apostles, Volume 2 is in the works.